The Argument For and Against a Valheim PvP Update

PvP may not be the focus of Valheim's gameplay, but an update to the mode has the potential to bear fruit for Iron Gate Studios.

The Argument For and Against a Valheim PvP Update

Multiplayer games can be a breeding ground for highly competitive behavior, since players often relish the chance to square up against others in a test of skill and experience. That's why many new developers are making PvP the main focus of their titles, with PvE taking a back seat in deference to ranked multiplayer models. However, some games like Valheim have stuck to their predominantly PvE roots, and Iron Gate Studios' staunch position makes for an intriguing discussion. Valheim's PvP was designed to be a garnish on the main dish of Viking-themed PvE, and an update to the game mode could change its outlook in the grand scheme of things, although such a pivot would come with merits and losses.

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